We now offer weekend retreats in co-operation with yoga studios  all over Spain where we focus on Pain and/or Stress

We do not offer yoga retreats, there are hundreds of them, our
focus is more about specific problems, like pain and stress, 
communication and Goal setting.

Usually we also offer three yoga/meditation sessions on
retreat (for a weekend retreat).

Our very first ever weekend retreat, (Friday to Sunday) is offered
together with Ananda Laie Yoga Retreat Centre in Cabopino
Marbella and Malaga on Costa del Sol, January 22-24

Here you will learn about various chains of movement
the body. Similar to a chain, or dominoes falling,
it's always the 
weak link in the body which is the first to give.

For example, muscular imbalance can lead to fatigue and
throughout the entire system. But, as can
imbalances, negative thoughts, stress, and

preprogrammed ”truths”/beliefs.

Become Enlightened - You will get a whole new understanding of your pain and Why it is there, AND an understanding what you can do about it.
A combination of great advice, self-care tailored home exercises for you.

Become Inspired - You will get a new blueprint and plan that will spark the next phase of your transformation to become the greatest version of yourself, as well as importantly, being pain-free.

Become Limitless - Because you will finally unleash your full, unstoppable potential to create significant change in your life. We will teach you the power of your thoughts and how to make them work positively for you.

Become Empowered - You will get access to proven techniques and advice to help you become pain-free and how to better deal with stresses in your life.

How does pain and stress affect the body and what you can do.
And as that is not enough, we will also talk about energy, actually, we will talk a lot about energy and frequencies and how it affects us all.

One topic that always is very popular is when we demonstrate how the left and right brain hemispheres react during stress, mind-blowing, that we will teach you as well..



Your Beliefs becomes your Thoughts,

Your Thoughts becomes your Words,

Your Words becomes your Actions,

Your Actions becomes your Habits,

Your Habits becomes your Values,

Your Values becomes your Destiny


Where do you start your change?

How do you change your thoughts?
We do.

Example of a schedule


18,00   Welcome, check in.

19,00   Opening presentation and introduction to the weekend and program

21,00   Dinner


8,30     Morning Yoga/Meditation

9,30     Breakfast

10,30  Pain and stress physiology and management. Demonstration and workshop

14,00   Lunch ’n relax

16,00   Pain relief exercises. Frequencies, Energy - Demonstration and workshop

19,00   Yoga or Meditation

21,00   Dinner

During the lunch break, Mike or Cece offer you a 20-minute free consultation.


8,30       Morning Yoga/Meditation

9,30       Breakfast

10,30    Continuing Communication, Goal-setting, Where do we go from here?

14,00    Lunch, The End

                 Free consultation for the ones that didn't receive that on Saturday

The 10,30 and 16,00 slots on Saturday and 10,30 slots on Sunday differ depending on what retreat you are attending. This schedule is for the Stress and Pain Relief Retreat.

Next retreat

Date: May 17-19

Hours: 6 pm (18,00) on Friday and Ends 3 pm (15,00) on Sunday.

Where: Marbella area, depends on how many participants we get., 

Registration: Send us an mail to and we’ll go from there.

NOTE; We only have 12 spots (8 beds + 4-day retreats).
When it becomes full, we will place you on a reserve list.

Note 2; we can also offer day sessions, meaning that you do not stay the night.

For more info, like costs, what's included, and other info, click here for a PDF.

Our unique retreats are not to be compared to any other retreat that is offered here on Costa del Sol or in the world.  We combine classroom lectures, hands-on practice, and workshops with Q and A sessions with Yoga and Meditation, at least three times during a weekend retreat.

Welcome to the future - your future, the first weekend of the rest of your life.

See you at the start of the retreat!

Dr Mike Dahlstrom at SweQINO.

If you have a yoga studio and would like to arrange a Retreat for Your clients, please don't hesitate to contact us (

Retreats the we offer at the moment?
- Special retreats for golfers
- Stress and Pain Release
- Stress Managment and Release
- Conscious Parenting
(for expecting parents or parents that can get away for the weekend)