Conscious parenting

Conscious Parenting
A unique online course or a 1-day education for expectant parents and parents of young children who wants to know how you can influence your child's future.

What you sow in the spring your child will reap in the fall.

What seeds do you sow in your child's brain that they later in life will have to harvest?

A unique one-day training that is guaranteed to be the most important course you have ever been
to or will ever go/take in the future.
It doesn't matter what courses or educations you've taken before, how You will now affect your child and its future, tops that by far.

But it is not only you who's having a child, but it is also a child who gains two parents.

You will now become the only fixed point in her / his life. The child will trust you as a mother and
father and hope that you know what you're doing.

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A completely unique one-day education that is aimed to those who are pregnant, or had children fairly recently, or you who work with children or people on a daily basis.

Watch the 8 minute long introduction to the course, click on the picture.

How do we prevent our children from having: 

- Control needs; 

- ’Hard to say no’;
- Performance anxiety;
- Fear of not being good enough; 

- Insecurity and social weakness;

- Feel that they constantly have to chase others' confirmation;

- Feel a lack of confidence in anything they do or produce;

These "truths" are programmed before the age of 6.

How do we avoid this? This is what the course is about.

Ulf Wigstrand (terapeut, Mora, Sweden)

I have to say that it is an absolutely superb course. 

It is not just for expecting parents or parents of young children or you who work with children. It addresses all of us.

Understanding how and why we are "programmed" by others and how this can affect us later in life is very interesting. A very exciting and rewarding course that I recommend many, many more to take. Take the chance to develop .... as a parent, as a partner, as a human being.
Great course Micke 👍

Conscious vs NON-conscious parent:

A - Conscious parent:

A conscious parent knows: 

  • That what we sow in our children's brains largely dictates what they will become later in life. 

  • How their child is affected by his/her stress? 

  • How their child's development is affected by his/her behavior/beliefs? 

  • During which periods does the child's brain develop and how he/she/they can influence this development? For good rather than bad.  

  • What they must stay away from in order to avoid incorrect programs/beliefs being planted in his/her children's brains? 

  • How patterns/beliefs are created in our children's brains?
    .. and understand the importance of their (the parent’s) interaction and communication and how this affects their child for the rest of their lives.

B - NON-conscious parent:

A NON-conscious parent relies on:

  • Advice from their parents 
  • Internet ”professors”
  • Friends' or siblings advice
  • They trust everything the doctor or nurse tells them, blindly.

They do not understand or believe that:

  • Their limiting beliefs affect their children

  • The parent's interaction will affect their child

  • What we sow in our children's brains will dictate what they will become later in life.
    What we sow in the spring we will reap in the fall.

  • They are completely unaware of at what age their child’s brain develops and how their actions or lack thereof will affect their child. 

As I see it, you now have two options:
You either become a conscious parent (A) or you roll the dices and hope for a lucky seven - a NON-conscious parent (B).

If you want option A, then we have the solution, if you choose B, then, good luck.

If you choose A, we will also address topics like: 

  • How do we change our thoughts and behaviors? 
  • Can we just stop thinking negatively - negative thoughts? 
  • Do your subconscious thoughts and processes hinder or help you along the way? What does ‘subconscious’ mean? 
  • Can we be filled with energy from a certain situation? 
  • Can a situation/relation drain us of energy? What is energy and how does it affect us? 
  • How do you handle stress? How does your partner handle stress? Is it the same?
  • What type of person are you? Is your partner the same? If not, how do we communicate over the border, how do we bridge the gap?
  • Goalsetting both as individuals and as a couple
  • Identify what thoughts/relationships hinder you from reaching your goals.

"Last Saturday I took part in this fantastic course and I learned a lot, not only about children's development but also about myself and my personal development.

Next week you have the opportunity to take the same course as I did! Super easy to run over the computer from home and well worth the investment! Do not miss the chance! " 
Viktoria Iskristall, Sweden

The course is online so you sit in your home, no need for mask or fear of any virus, you don't
even have to leave your home.

Next live course in English: October 2020.

Cost: € 150 for the whole day, for both

We start at 10 (Timezone: Madrid Spain) and end around 16 (4 pm), incl. one hour lunch).
NOTE, Maximum 10 participants.

If you want to know more: Click here for a detailed PDF/invitation and here for contact/registration or here (link coming soon) to register directly for the webinar.

IF you are not able to join the live event, you can always do the course online, anytime, anywhere.
Click here and find out more.